Brief Notes On Why You Need A Changing Table Dresser

If you have a newborn child on the way, you can add this decorative piece of furniture to your nursery shopping list. It occupies a prominent position in this new nursery but it never takes up space. In fact, the specially built changing table dresser is versatile, coming in good use for more than one function or purpose.

If you have a newborn baby or growing toddler on your hands, there is one task that is always going to keep your hands full and busy if you pardon the turn of phrase. No matter where you are and what time of the day, morning, noon or night this happens, things tend to get rather messy when you are changing the baby’s diapers. And this is what this special table dresser is for. To change the baby’s diapers in a clean, healthy, hygienic and efficient manner.

And you can also utilize the table top for washing and bathing the baby as well. You simply place your baby’s portable and lightweight tub on top of your dresser and proceed with the cleansing ritual. The nice thing about the table is that it comes to just about chest height for most average sized moms and dads. This means no more strenuous bending over the bath to clean the baby. Nor cramping in awkward positions when changing the baby’s diaper in a hurry.

This could happen on many occasions when you are out and about far from home. So, what use your great table dresser now, you may have wondered. Glad you asked, and here’s the thing. The dresser has a couple of portable and detachable implements that can be packed into a ready to go kit bag which is also utilized to store the spare diapers, clean towel and washrag, the baby’s oil, powder and cleansing lotion.

changing table dresser

It is the least you can do when you are on the road and the emergency inevitably arises. But once back at home and in the baby’s nursery, it is bliss all the way. Everything is pleasantly fresh, neat and spacious, everything has its place. No less than three slide drawers and on open shelf are attached to the changing table dresser.